Get Centered Sessions. (In-person sessions only)

Are you feeling out of balance? Is your life running you? Get Centered Sessions help explore where you are out of balance and teach you techniques to center yourself.

When we are centered, we feel strong, relaxed and are better able to make sound decisions — we meet our challenges with grace and dignity. Get Centered sessions are interactive exercises based on ancient martial arts principles tailored to your specific issue.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to center quickly and easily
  • Practice staying centered under pressure
  • Explore your current situation in a new way
  • Practice responding to stress with dignity and grace
  • Learn about yourself and your response patterns

We all get out of balance. Get Centered Sessions can help you regain that balance while learning skills to help you maintain balance in your everyday life. You will learn to listen to yourself more deeply, gain insights into personal patterns, and practice change in a safe environment. Karisa offers two hour in-person sessions.

Single sessions are $250 ($200 for current coaching or movement clients).
Packages are available for multiple sessions.

Special Offer

Package of 5 sessions for $800.

Contact Karisa to set up an appointment.